Is it me or....


......does Logic have quite a lot of bugs?! And very annoying ones at that? I have just sat down to try and try and work on a track I'm doing and the midi keyboard I put down yesterday can't be hear. It can after the first chord change, but not for the first chord, which is the start of the song. No problem, I'll just do an extra track and put that first C chord on the first couple of bars on that. But hang on, now I'm recording I can hear the C from the first track I've recorded, so I've not recorded two tracks with the opening C on. Oh, but wait, now I've stopped recording I again can't hear anything that's come from either track.

The other thing that happens all the time, is that I will set up a guitar track, get the setting to where I want them, get it in the right place, press record, move into position to play at the right time, and no sound comes out of the loaded track. The volume on the mixer just drops to basically zero when I hit record. It may do this a few times then it's fine.

Does anyone else have these problems? Is there a solution, other than just going down the PC and Pro-tools option?!

Thanks, and hope you're all having a more constructive evening than me! Cheers


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Have you checked that that first chord isn't playing a little early? It's a little difficult to follow exactly what problems you might be having - perhaps if you could upload a simple logic project illustrating these issues?

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