Logic Pro 9 Is it possible to automate ES2 Setting "Patch" changes?


Hello all, I've been able to record automation of many parameters of the ES2. However, what I'd like to be able to do have the automation keep track of when I change the overall ES2 'setting' while recording (i.e. from 'astral pad' to 'choir pad').

Does anyone know if this is possible? If yes, can you tell me how? Thanks!
You can save the ES2 'astral pad' as a given channel strip performance preset number and the ES2 'choir pad' as another performance preset #. After that you can use external Program Change numbers (matching) your performance presets to recall them. The external program change messages must use midi channel 1 !
Note: If you do not own external midi device which can send PC there is a trick how to route the Program Changes out from Logic and bring them back into Logic via IAC.
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Hello Tangra, thanks for the tip. Using your channel strip performance idea I have now been able to record the program change into a midi region and I see the program changes in the event list. However, on playback, the program changes do not take place. The channel stays on only one performance setting. The event list line moves down from event to event but the program change doesn't occur. Is there something else I need to do next? Thanks, Tom
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The event list line moves down from event to event but the program change doesn't occur. Is there something else I need to do next?
Hi Tom,
You have not read carefully the last "Note" in my 1st reply where I accent that you can not sequence Program Change (PC) messages in Logic to control the Channel Strip performance presets. I.e Logic can read external PC set to midi ch1. only! That's why I mentioned that you have to use some IAC routing to make that trick. This is a bit complicated cause you may come into terrible midi feedback and crash Logic if you are not familiar with such routing.
Well, I just exported a crappy (non voice) short video where I show that (get it from below).
To be honest the Channel Strip Program Change is not well done. It may do some job with FM synths like ES2 but it will make serious gabs with sample instruments like EXS.
The best way is to pre-load a few Software Instrument instances (in your case ES2) with different patches and use some third party extra Environment utility/tool to switch the channels like snapshots (via toggling the mutes etc). My Logic Snapshot Console can do that - there is a detail demo video in my web page here.
Another scenario is to use some intelligent Environment channel switcher. I have developed one in 2003-2004 during the former Logic 5 I think. It is a very light smart tool which uses just 5-6 "smart" transformers and can register the "last" Note OFFs before the actual channel switching so it can send them to the proper channel after the midi channel switching to prevent from any "note hanging"... I said 5-6 "smart" transformers cause it is very important to keep the midi input "clean" as much as possible. Lately I have seen some "scary" environment switchers like that which use hundreds of objects and multiple parallel cables (which can "kill" or "stack" some incoming messages) to achieve such a simple job. It's a matter of mastership :D.

Channel Strip PC demo QT Video(5Mb) - Download
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Thanks to Tangra for that reply. I was wondering the exact same thing. Now that I see how it's done I'm just going to use another track instead. Cheers.
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