Logic Pro 7 & earlier Is it possible to pay for expert support?



Is there some email address or phone number I can call on for expert support? I don't mind paying a reasonable fee for immediate individualized help. Does Logic Pro employ paid experts? Or are there any freelance experts out there who can help me solve my problem in a matter of minutes or hours, as opposed to the days, weeks, or months that it may take via the maybe-I'll-get-lucky FORUM process? Call me impatient, but I'm anxious to get back to work on my project that was interrupted back in 2002, when Emagic discontinued support for Windows PC.

I described my problem 5 days ago under the title: Logic 7 + MacBook Pro = No Sound. To summarize: My Macbook Pro works just fine with my Axiom 61 MIDI controller and Garage Band, but I hear nothing when I record and play using Logic 7.2. The notes are recorded and pictured visually, but there is no sound on playback.

I tried to isolate the problem by using Logic 7's virtual keyboard instead of the MIDI controller. In the Environment, I connected physical input to the virtual keyboard; connected the keyboard to a monitor; connected the monitor to sequencer input. I play the keyboard and get positive feedback from the monitor, but still no sound.

According to the Macbook's Audio MIDI Setup (AMS), ports 1 & 2 are set at maximum volume; however, a slider labeled "M" is grayed out and its volume is zero. My guess is that "M" stands for Master Volume, and it seemed like that could be the problem, except for the fact that the same setup works just fine with Garage Band.

I'd really like to get back to work on my project, and I don't mind paying for expert help. Is there anyone out there who can make sense of this? Or is there some email address or phone number I can call for Logic Pro > Paid Support?
There are indeed many very competent Logic users who offer private support, both on location, or remote per telephone, email etc.

In order to find someone, it would make sense to mention what part of the world you are living in - obviously relevant to those who offer on-site support.

kind regards

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I'm in Walla Walla, the south eastern corner of Washington State, U.S.A, but I don't necessarily need on-site support. I'd be happy to pay any charges for email or telephone support, and I understand now that I can be contacted via the forum's private messaging system. (Thank you Mark for cautioning me not to use my email address and telephone number.) However, I'm wondering if there is some more direct action I can take. Is there some website, email address, or phone number I can call?

When I search online for support for "Logic Pro 7", the first thing at the top of the list is support for Apple Logic Studio (www.apple.com/logicstudio), and since I don't own Logic Studio, I assume I'm not covered for their support services. Next in line is a link to Apple Discussions > Forum: Logic Pro, which I presume is another maybe-I'll-get-lucky discussion group.

Don't get me wrong. I think it's great what your doing, and I'm sure your successes are not infrequent. I'm just impatient to get back to work, and willing to pay for a quick resolution. Also, I can't believe this is such a difficult problem. So, my question is: Can you supply me with the specific website, email address, or telephone number of a professional or "competent Logic user" who can sort this out quickly and at a reasonable price?

Thanks for your kind attention
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Do you really think it is wise to have your mail adress and telephone number displayed publicly? I strongly suggest you remove them, anyone who wishes to contact you may do so per PM.

kind regards

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Thank you Mark. I've removed my email and telephone number, as per your good advice. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess it was a momentary lapse of judgment, due to my mounting desperation. Also, I didn't understand how your private messaging system works. In fact.. truth be told.. it took me a while to figure out what PM meant.

Anyhow, it would be cool.. now that we've got that sorted out.. if you, or one of the other administrators or members could direct me to a professional who can help me work through the surprisingly difficult problem of getting Logic 7.2 to make a sound on a Macbook Pro.

All the best,

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Did you choose the Line Input as audio device in the audio settings?

I described my Audio Midi Setup under the thread titled "Logic 7 + MacBook Pro = No Sound."

Under Audio > Drivers > Core Audio (Enabled) > Driver, I only have one real choice, which is Built-in Input. According to the Macbook Pro's Audio MIDI Setup utility, the Built-in Input is set to Line In. That is, in fact, the only choice. The Built-in Output is set to Internal Speakers.

One thing that puzzles me, is that there are 3 volume sliders pictured for Built-in Output: M, Ch1, and Ch2. The slider labeled M is set to 0. The volume of M can't be increased, as the slider is grayed out and can't be moved. However, this doesn't make any difference when playing MIDI files with Garage Band.

Another thing that puzzles me is that in the Audio MIDI Setup's MIDI window, the MIDI Out signal is routed to Connector 1, on Port 1. And, once again, this can not be altered. There are no other options.

My USB Axiom 61 MIDI controller has no on-board sound module, so I hope that Logic 7.2 isn't trying to route the signal back to the controller.

The Axiom came with a disk with drivers on it, but when I tried to load the drivers, I got a message from the Mac saying it already had drivers for this device.

For further details, see the thread titled "Logic 7 + MacBook Pro = No Sound."
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