is it worth incorporating an old analogue mixer?


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Hi all,
Ok, as it says in the title - is it worth incorporating an old (1970s) Teac model 3, 8 channel mixer into my set up?

What I'm asking is, will the Teac bring that "classic" analogue warmth that we all seem to be after? Is it good enough? Might it be nice to use as an insert on certain tracks or even the master?

Any views, anyone?



Oh, btw - my set up includes:
MacPro 2.8 quad, Macbook 2 intel dual, MOTU 828mk2 and Ultralite, Focusrite voicemaster, Yamaha AW4416(as mixer) and various keys,mods etc.
Seems like the guys over at Gearslutz think it's a boat anchor rather than a gem. I would imagine, looking at the pictures, that it would sound pretty noisy, and have limited use because of this.

Did you plug it in and run a signal through it?


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It's currently in the loft - not sure if I should leave it there! So I haven't tried i out for years - could be useless by now. Just wondered about using it again after all these years. Of course, if it was an all valve Neve...