Logic Pro X Is Logic Pro X the last version of Logic?


Logic Pro X is the newest version of Logic Pro. The current version number is 10.0.4 and it was released just this week.
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I knew all that but I misunderstood latest version as being discontinued where it was meant as latest release.
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Seriously doubt you'd ever need anything else


I am using Native Instruments Komplete and Maschine as well as Logic if that is what you mean. I like some NI sounds better. I also like working with Maschine...
Especially sampling with it and using soundflower is fun.

My paid jobs like producing an album, writing jingle, scoring for a movie etc... are mostly done with only Logic so far.

It might be just a coincidence though.
It might also be that I have got used to Logic in years.
I have a sound that I'm used to for everything in Logic.
For instance the Steinway Grand I like for piano.
Mark I for Rhodes.
I really like the NI Kontakt Acoustic Bass but I always end up hiring a bass player and have him nail the bass track for acoustic standup bass...

I have been with Logic since v 2.5 or 3.5 ( I cannot remember ).
It's nice to see It has been what it is today.
I have used Pro Tools for a short while but not anymore since you can do the same bussing and routing in Logic.
We were not able to that in older versions...
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