Is RAID 0 worth it for audio?



I am deciding between two external FW 800 drives to use as an audio drive (record to and playback sessions) One is a single drive and the other is a Performance RAID 0. I know you get more bandwidth with the RAID but the drawback is higher potential failure rate and price. Is the benefit of the extra bandwidth worth it. I know it makes more of a difference for video but I have been reading that the advantage of RAID 0for audio is negligible. Anyone have an opinion on this. Thanks
Most recommend forgetting RAID, 7200rpm drives will work just fine. That said, I have four computers with hardware RAID. That is, there are cards with their own processors that handle all the I/O for the attached hard drives. For redundancy for database applications, they work just fine. My RAID enclosures will hold up to twelve hard drives, but have never used them for audio. Fast CPUs and extra memory should be your priority.