Logic Pro 9 Is Raid worth it?


I'm thinking about setting up a raid for my project drive. I believe I would be doing a raid zero setup. Anyone else doing this and do they like it?

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The advantage of that configuration is to increase the size of the hard disk capacity in a certain way that your cpu will consider your set of hard disks as only one entity and also will increase (theoritically) its throughput efficiency. That, however, depends primarily on your Disk-0's size (in regard of capacity) and also on the least performant of all the grouped disks (in regard of the overall performance). Adversely, consider that Raid 0 is the most risky in regard of data integrity. If one of the disk in the group gets corrupted in one way or another, the entirity of the data (on all disks) will be corrupted and most likely unretrievable.
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Thanks for the input. I decided to get a 1 tb WD Velociraptor to upgrade my audio drive with. I actually don't anticipate any life changing improvement as things are fine now. Keep ya posted.

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Depending on your Computer hardware you should maybe take a look at SoftRAID. I have a Mac Pro with 4 x 2 TB Drives and I've been using SoftRAID for a while now. I have it setup with 2 Drives as Secure, e.g. one is a copy of the other and two set up in Parallel (giving almost 2 X Bandwidth).

This gives 2 TB Secure and 4 TB Fast Storage. I work in all my projects on the fast storage and archive them to the secure storage.

If you do decide to go this route, post again here. Depending on your Mac OS X version, there may be problems to do with the way Lion/Mountain Lion boot/rescue drive. I can save you a lot of pain!

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