Logic Pro 9 Is re-amping really possible?



I am having some annoying issues. I basically just want to record a clean guitar track then play it back into external rack effects and record the result.

I am using an Editor UA-25EX if I take the output put it into the external effects then plug the return into input 1 it feeds back

Had (what I thought was) a logical solution and borrowed a Tascam US-122 the idea being have the Edirol for input the Tascam for output thus eliminating the feedback issue.

Is a brilliant plan EXCEPT when I set up the devices Logic Pro no longer records anything from the Edirol (even though the peak light on the Edirol can be seen). The only solution to that is to unplug the Tascam reboot the mac then Logic Pro records from the Edirol.

Closest I came to a solution was to create an aggregate device of the Tascam and Edirol, then play the track using output 2 of the Edirol and put that into input 1 of the tascam. Something comes through but it is quite and distorted.

What confuses me the most about the dual audio interface issue is technically Logic Pro 9 IS using two different audio interfaces as standard as the output is set to "internal speakers" and input to the Edirol!!

How in seven different types of cheese are you supposed to take clean tracks and apply external effects and record that output as a separate track? ??
When you create your aggregate device, make sure you are only using the 2 interfaces you need, by unchecking the ones you don't want to use in the column to the left of the names.

Once you have done this, you should have checkmarks beside the Edirol and the Tascam. The first interface will be inputs 1-4 say and the other 4 - 8, or whatever the number of channels each I/O has. If your 2 main interfaces are in the incorrect order, uncheck both, then check the first one you want, and then the second.

Hope this helps
You could try them in the opposite order, changing which does the out and which is the input.

Also, you are SURE you have the correct input selected in Logic, you know, 1/2 or maybe 3/4 depending on the drivers for the device. Allot of MOTU use 3/4 for the main in and outs, not 1/2.


Does not matter which order I put the devices Logic Pro won't record anything!

Have just tried an old Mbox with both the tascam and the edirol. Logic Pro will record from each individually provided the output device is not another interface else it stops recording the input signal. Same with aggregate device even if I select which one is input and which is output in the Audio MIDI setup in the iMac.

Very odd...

Also noticed the issue is widespread, if I use WaveEditor with same setup it also records nothing. So far having more than one audio interface connected seems to cancel out the ability to record, very confused..


Just to rule out the obvious - did you select the aggregate device as the core audio driver in Logic's audio hardware preferences?


Yes I did, i also set it in the Audio MIDI settings in the Mac itself.

It is very odd, whenever I plug in a second audio interface (aggregate or indivuidally) the interface receives an input signal but the Mac doesn't...

Using Snow Leopard and LogicPro 9