Logic Pro X Is the future finally here?

Peter Ostry

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Why should I want to work with hands up in front of me? I don't have pain in the mouse-hand and don't want to try this challenge for my shoulders.

The response looks rather slow in the video. I don't have much experience with touch screens but this system looks too slow for my taste. Not?

Orren Merton

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Theoretically, I think that touch screens and audio software could be a good match.

I've got Auria on the iPad, and I think it's a great audio-only DAW. Being able to magnify audio tracks with your fingers and draw automation seems like an intuitive thing to do.

As Peter notes, however, there's certainly a difference between something you can easily cradle in your grasp like an iPad, and having a 27" 2550 x 1440 monitor propped up on your desk.

And I agree with everyone on the thread, we'd need to see how well these drivers work-how is the speed, the multi-touch, etc. Also, I'd have to worry about how future updates to Logic might break these drivers; I'd feel better if touch support was "baked" into Logic, and not a hack.

FWIW, SONAR supports Touch, and it's gotten mixed user reviews. Some folks think it's the future, others think it's a pointless "candy." Having never used touch on a major DAW, I really don't know. But as I said, I think that touch and audio production could work well together, with a combination of using a mouse and keyboard with your fingers for specific tasks. But that's my untested hunch.



I'm with Orren. I think it could be a good idea in theory. But from what I saw on that video, it doesn't look quite ready for prime time yet. The response did look slow; like there was a significant lag time. And like Peter brought up, what about the ergonomics of it all. Having a big 27" flat screen propped up on a desk in front of you? Seems like we'll have to rethink our work space designs when/if the time comes.

I've seen Sonar in action with a touch screen at NAMM this past January; it did look pretty cool. But seemed like it wasn't fully mature yet. Cakewalk shipped me a touch screen to use with Sonar this past Spring, but I was too tied up with other videos and never even got to take it out of the box!


Dawkeys (functionality)

Its is an additional tool, it adds quite a bit of functionality, and its only $140..

In conjunction with a mouse, it works really well, its not a total take over of the mouse but it works really well.

And yes it is the future, apple will be charging $2500 for a screen V soon..

Cheap addition to the tool box..


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@bluebommer: May I ask if you are in any way connected with this product? If so, you should state this. Furthermore, as several contributors to this thread have already asked about multi touch and lag times, it would be good to get some solid information on these issues.

thanks and regards




Yes I have been testing it this week, its great, I was also running it on an i5 macbook pro just to make sure that it will run on lower spec macs. It is a great addition to the mouse, its not a mouse killer and is not marketed as such, but the interaction it offers is truly amazing really.

The lag you maybe observing is probably the i5 (2010) macbook pro, I have the i7 quad core sitting here now waiting to test.

I am uploading some more video soon on the gestures usage, moving the mixer, and also tracks around. We offer a low cost solution with support.

Apple will release something in the not too distant future but it will cost thousands!!

This is definitely "first adopter" territory, but its a ready to be integrated into any studio, I have worked in studios on and off over over 20 years, and I like it!!

Can offer 10% (driver) discount for forum users.
For mixing I would prefer a controller that's multitouch and fast; also the less movements I do with my elbow the better I feel... I'm more tempted to try the new ultrathin iPad. It seems that if I put it on the desk between the laptop and me, its presence wouldn't bother my typing, and pulling away from my speakers for mixing would put my hands on the surface of the iPad in a natural, relaxed way. I can't imagine better confort. Plus you can stand up, take the ipad, and dance... I'd love to hear about other peoples experience when using Logic & an iPad.


The product looks good but they very much need to correct the text in the video. Maybe it's translated into English not so well?


I am currently working on a project of my own with this, and I can tell you now, the added functionality is excellent.. I have been using the ipad remote etc, and V control (not so great)

Coupled with two additional 27" screens this is an amazing addition to the workflow space. Unless you have tried it on a 27" HD touch screen its hard to imagine the benefits. Yes it alters the way you work, and yes it takes a short time to get used to. But together with a pro track ball mouse its truly outstanding..

It is especially good for waves plugins, and Izotope products, logic faders and buttons work well too, as do start stop scrolling etc.. Just moving around the page becomes easier. I have designed interfaces, and also worked in games, this does a good job at a great price. Altering the way you work is the only obstacle really.

To approach any kind of similar functionality with current touchscreen products will cost over $2500, for a pro tools system (slate media) Any pro audio guys out there want to give it a try get in touch, and try it, at trade price, just to see if it works for you too.


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Bought and installed this today - no discernible latency, but just "one - finger" - tracking and no support for swiping etc. after my first installation. Guess I have to dig deeper on the Touch Base website... The driver came without any included manual whatsoever (!) - and the promised "Logic Pro X" - support is not mentioned anywhere as far as I can see. Nice monitor, even if very reflective (but that is not avoidable with touch screens, I guess), the Acer T27 was on sale (£ 320) in Norway.


You stlill cant push 8 faders at a tieme very well on a screen thatis at face level. What i think ive been seeing are devices that have tactile strips as faders. Am i right on that?


Seems to me that if the screen is set up at about the angle and in position of a hardware recording console, it'd be easy to operate with one's hands without adding an ergonomic problem. Many of us are used to working on a traditional board.

I like the idea that a touch screen will also present less of a sonic footprint because it would avoid the dreaded interference and reflections that come from a monitor sitting close enough to see, when the speakers are further back on stands, something that's necessary for me for listening comfort with a decent sized pair of monitors capable of putting out some low end.

Monitors can be positioned to minimize reflections off of a screen as they can be with a hardware console.

Frankly, I don't see how this can be anything less than a substantial improvement in the way I work, but I suppose we're all different. I don't personally need multi-touch, I was a one-fader-at-a-time person back in the analog days. Though I can certainly see the utility of multi touch.