Logic Pro 8 Is there a cheap MIDI keyboard/pre amp for LE8 and OS 10.4.11?


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I used the Ozone with Garageband but have recently updated to LE8 and the i/o is messed up. Basically there is no way to get the input to be the Ozone preamp and the output to be through the built in computer head phone jack OR the Ozone headphone jack! Am i being stupid here?

While plugging in a guitar through the preamp, I can record (but not hear) my recording with the Ozone selected as the device...THEN...change core audio to "built in" and listen to it. But not both at the same time. Also the MIDI part of the device works fine weather I have Ozone selected as the device or not.

I can however get the output to be "output 1 and 2" on the Ozone. But this only sends the left stereo channel to the left headphone on channel 1 and the right stereo channel to the left headphone on channel 2 o I basically cant hear L and R at the same time.

Did they really leave this critical feature out of LE8 or am I missing something? I am baffled since this process in Garageband takes 3 clicks.

And, if I am just SOL please recommend a device that works well with this set up...ideally a preamp built into a mini keyboard.

Thanks everyone!

iMac 2.16 Core Duo, 10.4.11
M-Audio Ozone, with newest driver


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That piece looks really nice and is exactly what I am looking for...but a bit pricey. It's hard to know if the drivers will work because, in theory, LE8 is "compatible" with all "major manufacturers". However in the end I may have to drop that kind of money. Thanks!


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I can almost hear your condescending British accent as you say "surely" and "recently" ;)

I know this is a non issue for most, but this sort of thing really pisses me off. Back when LE8 came out everyone would have had this same problem since Apple themselves were selling this particular M-Audio device off apple.com saying it was perfect for Logic?!?!

At any rate if anyone remembers what devices they used back when LE8 came out I'd appreciate the info so maybe I can find something on eBay. Thanks for your time I know this sort of thing is 5 years back in time for most!