Logic Pro 9 Is there a quick way to merge virtual takes on a given track?

Andre Favreau

Is there a quick way to merge virtual takes on a given track when regions don't overlap? I know I can just drag them, but the problem is I can only do one region at a time (not to mention it's a little clumsy).

This is what I mean:
When I record my vocals, I tend to record myself in loops which creates many, many... virtual takes on same track. I generally record myself about 10 times per verse, chorus... However that doesn't just create 10 virtual tracks. I can end up with a total of 100 because Logic always creates a new one even when regions don't overlap.

So is there a better way to merge virtual tracks when regions don't overlap than dragging them one by one?

Hi Andre,

Are you using take folders? it sounds like you're not from your description. It might be a good solution for you.

Other than that, I think there is a key command to move all selected regions to the current track. So, you could theoretically make your selections, invoke the key command, and they'll all be moved to the same track. I don't have Logic in front of me at the moment and don't remember the exact name of the command. I think it's something like "move selected regions to record track" or something like that.
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I'm a little confused by your description - so it's not an issue with the amount of takes, but rather the amount of take folders? You'd like to essentially merge take folders so, for example, verse one take folder and verse two take folder were the same take folder?

If so, you'll have to unpack and repack into a new take folder that will be the length of the combined sections (as defined by your audio regions).
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Wow - that's a take folder well packed! :eeek:

I think you still need to unpack/repack. You will also have to perhaps deal with the overlapping regions you have at bar 49. If there is silence there, trim down the tracks once you've unpacked them.

I do this kind of thing myself (when working with vocalists) and I will generate 2 or more tracks with identical channel strips to keep the take folders limited to sections of the song. So verse one is on track one, verse two on track two, chorus back on track one.... I also tend to make a comp track and flatten and merge after 4 or so times and use that as the start of a new comp folder.

You can also cut comp folders and move one section to a new track to avoid the multiple layers you have.

I understand you may have a system that makes sense to you so if you get the results you want, there you go....
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Hey Andre,

What if you just leave your take folder as is, but take it out of Quick Swipe mode (and into editing mode) and move the regions vertically within it.

You could grab all of the ones at the same time positions at once and drag them up to higher lanes that are unused at that point in the timeline. Aside form the overlap at bar 49, you could get the whole thing consolidated in about three or four mouse moves (one for each group of takes).
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Eli - great idea!

I didn't realize you could move regions to different lanes. I just tried this and had mixed results. In one area I selected three regions and could only move them one at a time, not as a group. In another area I could select three and move them together.

The uncooperative group was at the start of the take folder. Have no idea why there is a difference. I'll play around with it some more if I have time.

Put this tip up as a blog post!
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That's the problem I had Doug. Even when I switch from Quick Swipe to Editing Mode, I can only move ONE region at a time. And since I have 95, well that's pretty long.

So unpacking, moving regions and repacking works great for me.
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