Logic Pro X Is there a recording best practices template??

Indian Hills

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Until recently I have been a Protools editor and using the Avid 192's for my interfaces with Logic and GarageBand which have been working well but now my microphone recordings in Logic have bad pop's and clicks. Not always but making recording unreliable.
Is there a Best Practices template out there???

5k iMac 4.2 ghz, 64 gig ram, ssd drive
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. (mostly to keep Protools in line) Logic version 10.4.4.

Had my buffer at 32 for recording then 1024 after. About 20 tracks with some plugins.
Delay is -611 samples
process buffer medium???
summing 64bit
rewire. off. whatever that is.

Appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

Ab van Goor

Try experimenting with the buffer size. 128 should be fine on a modern machine like yours, 64 when you're lucky.
I have my buffer set to 256 on a 2008 dual quad core, but I'm monitoring off my Metric Halo ULN8 so latency is no issue.
It's a good setting for midi on my machine as well. Do you monitor thru logic?
You can leave the other settings as is.
Concerning rewire: Downloads - ReWire - ReWire 1.7