Logic Pro 9 Is there a way to create a take folder w/o recording in loop/comp mode?


Like the title says, is it possible to place a few audio regions from different tracks into a single track on top of each other to eventually pack them into a take folder?

What I want to achieve is, take 5 X 8 channels of drum tracks ( 5 takes of 8 drum tracks ) from another DAW and put them into Logic to create a group take folder to edit.

I want to export them from Props Record and import them into Logic Pro 9.1.3
Easy: export them from Reason/Record as audio tracks, make sure you are going 24 bit and the sample rate you want to sue, open Logic and create a new session, make sure you set the correct tempo, drop the exported files from Reason?Record into your Logic's sessions arrange window, select "make new tracks" when asked. Once the files are loaded and the overviews are created, select them, and go to the regions menu, and select "make take file"

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While I've not tried this I think it's not hard to do.

Assuming all 5 takes have the exact same start time in Record just drop each take as audio files into logic tracks and then select just the kick mic from each take and use the "Pack Take Folder" command. Then do the same for all the other drum mic's one at a time. Once all the kick, snare, hats etc is each in their own take folder on their own track, turn all tracks to the same group and enable phase accurate audio for that group. That's it.
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