Logic Pro (X) Issue with Flex Time

Hello. I was recently working for the first time with Flex Time and at first all was going well. When I got to a few later sections of the vocals I was working with, I noticed Flex had automatically sped them up without me adjusting anything on them. I imported the vocal file again into a new channel and attempted it again and as soon as I enabled Flex Time for that channel, it automatically condensed that track by speeding it up before I did anything to it. If I disable the Flex Time mode, it goes back to normal, but the second I enable it, it's sped up again. I can't figure out why it is doing this when the initial tracks I was working on were working just fine. It also doesn't seem to matter which mode I'm in (Poly, Mono, etc.)- same results. Please help!
I think that FlexTime is applying the tempo of your project to the imported audio file, which is the purpose of Flextime. I am not sure but if you remove the tempo information from the audio file you are importing (which you should do only on a copy of it, not the original audio file), you could alleviate that tempo effect. The other way would be to set the project tempo to the audio imbedded tempo, prior adding the latter to you project...
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Hi. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to remove the tempo info, or how to set it to the audio imbed tempo. I guess I still don't understand why the first few tracks were unaffected, but all additional ones (even if I add the same ones again that did work) they all become affected (read: sped-up) the moment I enable Flex Time, without making any adjustments myself. I can't figure what is different between those initial tracks and all subsequent ones. The moment I disable Flex Time, the affected tracks return to normal, but no matter how much futzing I've done, I can't get them to remain the same in Flex...
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Well, I believe I have found some sort of solution, though I have absolutely no idea how/ why it has worked (so if anyone has any explanation, I would genuinely love to hear it). I found that when I went in to the audio file and made a "split" in the track, the section that exists time wise before the cut is unaffected when Flex Time is enabled. However, the audio that occurs after the "split" continues to be sped up unnecessarily. I continued splitting the file up, until I found toward the end of the it, a red bar appeared when Flex was enabled. I went ahead and made one final "split" in the audio just before the red starts which, when I disabled Flex, showed I had split the audio in the middle of a phrase, as opposed to the near end of the audio like it showed when Flex was on. But after making this final "split", the unwanted speed changes ceased and my file remained as I wanted - unaffected. The trade off is I now have several cuts in the audio, but it all does playback without sounding any different. I'm wondering if separating that red section at the end of the audio track in Flex somehow freed up the file, but I have no idea what it is or why...
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So this is just an clarification of a work-around, not solving your problem.

It's not clear to me that you're aware the while flex time is affecting an entire track, you can toggle it on/off at the region level. Might have saved you some cutting away into regions and why the regions weren't affected by the flex issues after you created them.

You could also move regions to a non-flexed track.
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