Logic Pro X Issues with correcting tempo to constant


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Hi, I'm new here, (even though I've been using Logic since before Apple bought it :) ).

I have been working on a project that has gone on for a few years now. It has over 100 audio tracks, including numerous Melodyned vocals.

I have just upgraded to Logic 10.5 and Melodyne ARA. My client has a track with a varying tempo map and wants to change it to constant tempo. Can anyone advise how I could achieve this? Thanks


So this project with 100 tracks and your client's project are the same project ?

If so,
- Bounce all Melodyned Regions in Place and disable those tracks' Melodyne plugins
- Select all Regions in the Main window
- Ctrl-click>Tempo>Write Project Tempo To Audio Files
- Enable Global Flex View at 1, Track Flex with a sensible Flex Mode at 2 and Region Flex at 3

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- Change either Tempo List or Tempo Track to your liking.
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