Logic Pro 8 iTunes or other multichannel player


I need to do a demo of a number of student's projects created in Logic. In the past we've opened each individual project, but I'd like to come up with a multichannel file player solution, so we can just go from file to file without opening and closing projects (and I also don't want to merge all these projects into one, no thank you). I've know that quicktime will play multichannel files. I've fiddled a bit, it seems the only possible way would be to import a quicktime movie (with no sound)into the logic project, then export the sound to the movie. I've tried that- exporting to Linear PCM (the only choice that offers 5.1), and saved the movie. Playing the movie in quicktime pro, it turns out the audio is stereo, not 5.1. I suppose I could bounce the files down and use Qlab, but is there no way to make this work - using multichannel files in quicktime or iTunes or something else that's simple? The projects will be mixed in the space, so once they're bounced, the levels won't need to be manipulated, just played as one file thru the 5 speakers.