I've come out the box :-)


I am using my ULN-8 into a Fat Bustard. Good fun.

I would like to route the computer audio outs through the MIO Mixer channel strip and fader and then to the Hardware output. Can I do this without making a Bus in the MIO Mixer to feed each audio output?

Advice welcomed. Thanks!
You can't use the fader to set the output gain without having a bus for each output, but you can send the pre-fader signal via the direct out in the strip to your analog output. You can use an insert to set the level (e.g. with the fader in a MIOStrip or with another of the gain control plugins). You can also adjust the analog out level via the analog output controls (this is a better choice for static level control anyway as it will maintain full digital resolution).

Hope this helps!

B.J. Buchalter
Metric Halo
Hey B.J.

Thanks for the clear response - that's what I figured. The Analog trims are controlled by the MIO console, right?

Now if I could map my Euphonix MC Mix to these trims I would be a happy bunny.
They are controlled by MIO Console or the Front Panel. I don't believe that they are in the set of controls that are supported by the Euphonix.