Logic Pro 9 Ivory Bounce Sluggish with 10.6.1/L9.01


Last week I updated the laptops here one by one with Snow Leopard. No serious hassles. The music laptop is totally up to date, see signature.

But, pray tell, why does it now take longer to do an offline bounce of a solo Ivory track than to do it real time? Ya know, for years I didn't "trust" offline bouncing. But then, a coupla years ago, I bought in. It was solid finally, it seemed. Got hooked on the speed. But now, a strange hiccup. A 5'25" solo Ivory track, no effects, bounced offline in 7'05". Huh? The disk with the samples seemed to labor more than during the comparison real time bounce. That is subjective, just by the sound. Didn't check Activity Monitor on that.

I checked a project that had half a dozen of so EXS24, Ultrabeat etc. tracks with a bunch of effects and it pretty well smoked right through it offline pronto like. Well, a half-assed guess, but it seemed real snappy, as if Snow Leopard was actually maybe doing something. Wishful thinking maybe after suffering the fear of upgrading a system that was working good as it was.

I guess I need to contact Synthogy. I mean, I'm glad things aren't crashing, but there is some kind of drag going on big time here. We're talking back to real time bouncing. Any suggestions? Anyone else suffering this? I don't like the key thingy, but what the hell, great sounding piano.
My guess is that there is a lot of pedaling in your Ivory track. Ivory bounces at 128 voices so if there is a lot of sus pedal, rather than get cut off at 24 voices or so (or whatever you have polyphony set to) it renders it in all 128 glory. Thus it takes a while. I have encountered this but am interested in what Synthogy has to say. If you are going to be bouncing mixes a lot, on this song, then it is worth freezing, or bouncing the piano down once, and then other bounces should be as fast.
just my .02
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Thanks Jamie!

You're right, there's a lot of sus. on, and I didn't know about bouncing the 128 voices! Brilliant info, thanks much. That is a heap of data, no wonder it sounds so good. I'll keep your ideas handy about freezing, etc. One thing I did was download/install the latest Ivory which said it was compatible with 10.6. In reasonably scientific checking, this seemed to shave 45 seconds or so off the offline bounce time. Better indeed, but offline bounce was still significantly slower than real time, so, yeah, there is still a bit of a mystery to me there.

I will get around to emailing Synthogy, but today I've discovered that my annual or so BIG freakin' update is resembling the usual catastrophe (this cat's ass is "Snow Leopard) more than I'd thought. In opening some of my templates I got crashes, was asked for a new authorization for MiroPhil, and I'm trying to get it sorted. At least I'm functional somewhat. Funny, getting the new Ivory today was as much part of trying to weed my system of incompatible clunksters as it was about tackling the (now) relatively minor inconvenience of a long bounce here. I will post any info I get from Synthogy. Thanks again, spot on info.
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