Logic Pro 8 Izotope Radius on sale for $200 this month


Anyone using this and if so how do you like it? I'm downloading the demo to check it out. At this point it would be used more for changing pitch. The price is right assuming it does a great job.
I've used the Izotope Radius algorithms in SONAR (they are standard in the Cakewalk implementation of Flextime) and they are very good, but do they offer any advantage to someone using the Melodyne plugin? I'd be interested in the opinions of anyone who has seriously used either - as opposed to my strictly amateur experiences.
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Where is it $200? I'm keen
At the only place you can buy it, izotope.com. Just add it to your cart and you'll see the price.

I'm testing it right now. In terms of slowing down/speeding up a whole mix, Logic's flex seems to be doing a great job in polyphonic mode/complex. In terms of changing the key of the song, Logic's built in pitch is doing a much better job then I thought it would. But, Radius seems to be more pristine in the pitch department. So, if you need to pitch up polyphonic sources, like full mixes, Radius is probably the better way to go. At one point I had serato's pitch n time and the melodyne (standalone) demo going. With melodyne I could hear some artifacts when it came to full mixes compared to pitch n time. I've also used X-form by digidesign. I ended up using X-form quite a few times on professional projects as I could just rent it for my PT system as needed. But, I wouldn't mind owning Radius and having it available at all times within Logic! I think I'll spring for it. My guess is that Logic will have improved ability but it might still be a few years off.
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i've been playing around with the demo today and to be honest, I'm not sure that I even need it now tat flex time has been implemented... I know it sounds very different and is a different animal in itself anyway.
Oh, well at least I've got till the end of the month to decide.
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If it were integrated with Flex it would be great but I'm not sure that it would be flexible/usable enough just s part of Time Machine.
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That's true, it would be good, but it does seem pretty slow to process in comparison to all the other enclosed methods in Logic.

It is, but that's the beauty of the way Sonar does it. It uses fast algorithms for real-time rendering, which produce artifacts and clicks, but when you bounce the track the Radius algorithms kick in. That's what I'd like to see in Logic too.
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I just bought it.. too good a deal to miss and it does work really well. (only real reason it was slow for me was tht I had to click the demo button every time and I was doing it on long files
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