Logic Pro 8 Jam Pack Disks Didn't Load, Missing Loops/Instruments


I am currently running Snow Leopard on a MAC OS 10.6.7 I didn't have Snow Leopard when Logic was originally installed. My hard drive was recently replaced. While re-installing Logic 8, when I started with the Jam Pack 1 DVD, I got a message saying there was an error and I'd have to try reinstalling Logic again. However, when I checked my applications, Logic was there. I opened it and most of my songs looked and played as they should.

I then discovered that the Apple loop and the Indian Bansuri flute I used in one song are nowhere to be found. Neither plays properly. Weirdly enough, the loop used for the bridge plays fine...but I didn't see it in the loops bin either. While searching for them, I realized some loops and instruments are missing. Another I couldn't find was the Russian Balaika bass (used in a couple of other songs). So my questions are:
~Could this be because the Jam Pack discs didn't load?
~What is actually on the Jam Pack DVD's? Is there a way to tell what I'm missing?
~Will I have to re-install Logic yet again and hope the Jam Packs install this time? They won't install otherwise.
I found the Russian Balaika, shown as a music note icon in my documents folder but how do I get it to load back into Logic?
First thing: Sometime Logic's installer doesn't actually install ALL the correct files for the loops and patch libs. Bummer, but true.

The solution is to do a reinstall but first you need to remove the receipts for the sample packs before the install will work. Open the library on your main hard drive, then the receipts folder, and look for them there. Delete them, and then open the Logic Pro installer, and only check off the Jam Packs. and yea, it IS a pain and will take a while. I usually watch a movie or something while I'm doing the install myself to pass the time away.
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Thank You George but.....

Peace & Blessings George. Thanks for your prompt reply but when I opened the receipts folder in the MAC HD...there are only three things there. a BSD pkg (don't know what that is) that did open up an installer icon that went to my dock but also prompted this message "The operation couldn't be completed (com.apple.pageinstallererror-1.)", a db folder that has nothing in it when I click on it and an "installhistory.plist" page that is a document with codes. Could the BSD pkg be for the Jam packs?
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FYI Do not open or try to open anything in your Library unless told to please. You could accidentally damage your computers OS. BSD is NOT Logic nor the Jampacks.

Well then, the only thing I can suggest is a reinstall of the jam packs.

As I'm sitting here I'm also thinking that maybe it has something to do with Garageband as well. What version was in your old machine? Do you know if the specific loops or instruments were not part of garageband rather than Logic and you need to install Garageband? Just a thought.

The sounds you are mentioning are in the World Music Jampack. You could try and just reinsatall that one...
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Re: Your Reply..Jam Pack & Garage Band

George, I don't know what version of Garage Band was on before the new HD install. because I never used it. The Jam Packs install directed me to install the Logic Install disk again. Upon doing that it seems as if Logic will start installing again. So that being the case, should I uninstall Logic and start all over? I hate to think that the changes to the songs that occurred after the re-install would happen again if I re-install yet again.

I so appreciate your time and patience in helping me with this issue. Peace & Stay Blessed
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Wether you used GB or not doesn't matter, it does have some different sounds.

With the Logic installer, you can only select the Jampacks, but I would also make sure you do the Logic 7 compatibility sounds, DON"T install the sound FX and the music files. They are huge and don't add what you need in this case.
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Hi George...I have Logic 8, never had Logic 7 and I just follow instructions as to which disks to insert. There are the 6 disks (3 Audio & 3 Jam Pack and the Demo. I don't think we ever installed the demo disk. In answering your question, I had mentioned that I never used Garage Band to explain the reason why I didn't know what version it was. I know the Garage band instruments are in Logic because I like and used some of them. Okay...I'm going to try installing again and just work with whatever the outcome is! Again, I have appreciated your help so much. P & SB
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George...just wanted to let you know that the Jam Packs loaded this time and all of the instruments are there, except some synths. The "missing" loops are there as well. Thanks again and stay blessed.
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I'm pretty sure the missing synths are related to Garage Band. there is one that is only there if you have installed GB. They are the "hybrid" synths and any sounds using them.
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Yep It's the Hybrids

George you are absolutely right. The message says "Logic plug ins "Hybrid Mor" not available. But Garage Band is and always has been installed on my computer and is currently working properly. Anyway, I've worked around it by finding adequate replacements for what I want to do. Have a great week. P & SB
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