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Hi All,

Just fresh into my Logic 9 install and came up against a slight roadblock. I tired calling up the Logic Pro Help item from the Help menu and got a message saying that the Help library requires Javascript.

I ran software update, and everything seems to be up to date. Can anyone enlighten me as to exactly how to "turn on" javascript?


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check your Safari preferences, under Security. It's likely that you have javascript disabled and L9 is attempting to present its manual pages through its engine.

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check your Safari preferences, under Security. It's likely that you have javascript disabled and L9 is attempting to present its manual pages through its engine.


Hi Otto,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think that's it. I even made sure to update to Safari 4.0.2 (which feels slower than the old version BTW!). I checked my Safari prefs and rebooted and still get that message when trying to call up Logic Pro Help from the Help menu within Logic 9.

Here is a shot fo my Safari prefs - they all seem to be right from what I can tell.


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Just a little follow up / work around I figured out:

I downloaded the Logic Pro Help "web archive" from Apple's site. And this seems to work just fine. I still can't access it from within Logic's Help menu though; so I have to be on line for it to work! This is a drag!!

Does anyone know how to access the contents of this help file from within the app?
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Hi All,

I have a happy ending to my dilemma and I'll post the solution here in case any one else experiences something similar.

I phoned Apple Support and they were very helpful (pun intended!). They had me type the following script into the Terminal app - which solved the problem:

defaults write com.apple.helpviewer WebKitJavaScriptEnabled -bool yes

So, there you go......
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I'm surprised helpviewer was working for other apps without that line, unless LP9 is the first one that makes use of Javascript..... Some use PDF instead.

glad you got an answer.

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I really don't know what the cause of the problem was. The Help docs were working fine in other iLife apps; but I'm not certain what format they were in.

I did get an email from another user who said he was having the same problem with the Final Cut help files; and the Terminal script solved it for him as well.
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a bit of geeky background. Here's the system defaults before the patch:

"NSToolbar Configuration HelpViewer" = {
"TB Display Mode" = 2;
"TB Icon Size Mode" = 1;
"TB Is Shown" = 1;
"TB Item Identifiers" = (
"TB Size Mode" = 1;
"NSWindow Frame HelpViewerWindowFrameAutosaveName" = "1188 88 617 682 0 0 1920 1178 ";
"NSWindow Frame WindowFrameAutosaveName" = "46 78 565 386 0 0 1280 832 ";
WebIconDatabaseDirectoryDefaultsKey = "~/Library/Icons";
WebKitAllowAnimatedImageLoopingPreferenceKey = 1;
WebKitAllowAnimatedImagesPreferenceKey = 1;
WebKitDefaultFixedFontSize = 12;
WebKitDefaultFontSize = 12;
WebKitDisplayImagesKey = 1;
WebKitJavaEnabled = 0;
WebKitJavaScriptCanOpenWindowsAutomatically = 0;
WebKitJavaScriptEnabled = 0;
WebKitPluginsEnabled = 0;
WebKitUserStyleSheetEnabledPreferenceKey = 0;
WindowFramerLastWindowFrameKey = "{{8, 112}, {770, 529}}";

Notice that the WebKitJavaScriptEnabled is set to "0" (zero), so it's disabled by default. Since LP9 helpviewer uses this facility it must be enabled prior. This should have been done by the installer but it was skipped, obviously.

If interested, do a 'man defaults' at the Terminal and you'll see all sorts of things about this hidden treasure. This is a NeXTStep legacy.

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Hi All,

Okay I have REALLY GREAT TIP here for everyone, which makes the html manual _ALMOST_ as good as a pdf version.

Type the following script into the Terminal utility:

open "/Applications/Logic Pro.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/logicpro_help/index.html"

This will open the Logic Pro Help document embedded in the Logic application, in Safari. Now from under the Safari file menu choose "save as" and save it somewhere. It is saved as a small web archive document. You can now double click this to open the Logic pro Help file contents.

And here's the best part. IT IS REALLY FAST! One thing that has bugged me about the help file is how slow it is getting to the sub contents on each page. This archive file is ten times faster. I love it! This is how I will be using Logic's help from now on. And of course, being opened in Safari, it can be resized, and hidden, etc. It's great! And it's fast!
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I've been frustrated with Logic's (lack of) Help in v9.x since the start.

The Help menu opens like the pic attached below:

If you select [Logic Pro Help], nothing happens (as we all know).

If you type in a search term eg Marker, suddenly a whole lot of Help Viewer options appear:

Selecting one of these Help Topics actually opens Logic 9 Help in Help viewer - at last.
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Having said all of the above, I set out to google......

I found a solution which involved deleting all the Help Viewer cache and prefs files. I then quit Help Viewer and Logic and started all over again.

This time, selecting [Logic Pro Help] opened Help viewer which then spent a loooooong time getting files from apple.com, and finally the Logic Help works as one would expect.
:eeek: :brkwl:
Maybe we were all too impatient......
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