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Dick Bennett

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Brand new member today 5-29-17. New setup with Logic Pro X. Looking to create drum tracks as back ground for jazz quartet charts. Can't find much other than R&R drums of no value to a jazzer. Need drum BG usIng brushes, soft ride cymbals, etc. Any help out there?

Peter Ostry

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Not in Logic.

You may look for 3rd party software, good drums can get expensive.

Here is a list: "Best virtual drums"
For quality, I would go for one of the top products: BSD or Toontrack or Audio Addictive.
That's just the machines. Additionally you buy one or more Jazz extensions (the sounds) of your choice and probably MIDI loops (patterns).

Some people say that Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums are best for Jazz.
But they need a full version of NI Kontakt.
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It's a shame that the really excellent-sounding Drum Kit Designer doesn't have a Jazz Drummer.

In the short term, take a listen to the jazz kits in the loop browser. Set the filter for All Drums and Jazz. Look for green (MIDI) loops including Cool Jazz, Jazz Brush, and Lounge Jazz. No doubt not up to the quality of kits mentioned above, but they may fill in as you get going.

If you like the sound but not the pattern, just drag the pattern to the tracks area, then delete it. The inserted instrument remains so you can program your own pattern or paste in a custom MIDI drum file.
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"Look for green (MIDI) loops including Cool Jazz, Jazz Brush, and Lounge Jazz."
CSeye, I am new to Logic. Does Logic has green (MIDI) loops as stock loops? All I see is the blue and mustard icon drum loops. Are the green (midi) loops third party ones? Thanks.
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I'm not sure the Brush Drummers were available when this was first posted, but in Songwriter section of the Drummer Library there are two new Drummers "Austin - Roots Brush" and "Tyrell - Pop Brush" (since 10.4.1 I _think_) - I just happen to have been exploring them for the past hour and they're not as unusable as you might expect. And, like the other Drummer engines, work damn well in compound time signatures like 3/4 or 7/8.
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I have been using "Tyrell - Pop Brush"selection on a Drummer track in Logic 5.1 if you bring the circle in the matrix to the "Soft" area, you can get the stirring snare for jazz ballads.
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