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I'm one of those people who likes to stay with what's stable - which my system has been for some time. But I'm thinking of having my University student daughter pick me up Logic 9 at the bookstore. However based on my current set up below, would that necessitate upgrading to a more current G5 and different interface as well? As we know, it's a slippery slope.

Furthermore, are there any limitations to the student version other than a singe installation and no upgrade?

Your advice is much appeciated.
My .02 worth....

You sound like a person who doesn't upgrade often so the fact the an educational copy doesn't have an upgrade path won't matter. The savings is minimal, I'm guessing less than $50.00. However, since Apple has supported upgrades from what, Logic 6 or earlier so you might indeed be money ahead buying full price version (no difference in features, FYI) when you upgrade to Logic 12.

The PPC chip support is being phased out. While you can run Logic 9 on the G5, it's hard to say when features will not work. There may (or may not) be, say, a Logic 9.5 that is Intel only. Most likely by Logic 10 - though you may well not go there.

If you have the $$$, I'd get the standard version and I'd spring for a newer tower with an Intel CPU.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for if it aint broke, don't fix it. I still use a G5 with Tiger and Logic 8 as one of my systems. No complaints. But, the G5 will be replaced very soon here. One strong reason is there is more and more software out there (not just music) that is Intel chip only.

There is also an issue of the OS - I think L9 needs Leopard. You might use some more RAM, more HD space (Logic 9 is close to 40 gigs, if memory serves). The Motu hardware should work OK, although you'll need to update drivers for sure (if you get Leopard look to update drives for printer, scanner, etc. as well)
I think the upgrade is actually cheaper than the academic version. You can upgrade for $199 from versions as old as (even the PC) 5.5 (either Platinum or Gold, but you need the dongle) My setup requires some sort of PCI slot, so an Apple Mini falls short in that regard. But the new Minis are as powerful as the old dual core G5s for most stuff, and they are only $600 to $800 with a new operating system (and Intel CPU). As far as your laptop goes (G4), that is probably better left as it sits. I tried to install Logic 8 on a G4 dual CPU 875MHz tower, and it installed, but was so slow I bought the G5. If you have $2,500, get a four core Power Mac tower.
Since your system is pretty stable what you need to ask yourself is are you willing to trade some more features for quite a bit less reliability. If it's a hobby I'd say sure, if you do it for a living you would probably want to upgrade your whole rig. In any case 6.4 is one of the last Emagic versions, the Apple versions while they have some nice features
are dumbed down and buggy


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the Apple versions while they have some nice features
are dumbed down and buggy
.... in your opinion.

FWIW, in my opinion, they are anything else but "dumbed down", rather offer a lot more flexibility in terms of workflow, are more stable than many previous emagic versions were, and while there are unfortunately still bugs, I certainly would not say that there are more or worse bugs than has been the case in the past.

If it's a hobby I'd say sure, if you do it for a living you would probably want to upgrade your whole rig.

I agree with that. In order to get the most out of Logic 9/Logic Studio II, an intel mac is pretty much a requirement, especially jumping directly from Logic 6 (2003) to Logic 9 (2009) on a G5 things may feel sluggish, you will most likely notice that more resources are needed. As Doug already mentioned, OSX 10.5 is mandatory, Logic 9 simply will not run on Tiger. According to Apple, you need 10.5.7.

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well the buggy part is not my opinion, Logic has been buggy for a while.
As far as dumbed down, Logic has pretty much been set up for users who don't have large multi I/O rigs, before 8, in the sample edit window you could set the output that you were monitoring from, in 8 you had to go to the environment and change the prelisten object and btw that was buggy and didn't always. At least in 9 you can select use channel strip settings, so that's an improvement but pre logic 8 versions were smarter with this. I've been a logic user since version 1.6, cpu wise I've owned a IIVX, 8100/100, a Umax mac clone, a dual 533 G4, which running OS9 and logic was probably the most reliable platform I've run, to a Dual G5 and now a 2.8 gig Macpro, I don't run a lot of plugins since I work on an analog console and use outboard for my processing. I use some VI's but I print those tracks after I've got them where I want. So basically I use Logic as a tape deck,I actually bought my Macpro because Logic was not good for me on my G5. Yesterday during a mix, Logic decided that instead of 48 outputs I only had 32, nice right? BTW that was after I trashed my prefs and repaired permissions.
What is nice about 9 is flex editing, quick swipe comping in my opinion is almost useless, so as far as workflow goes I could certainly argue with you there, I could go on but there will be people who argue on both sides, and it's all been done before. The OP is someone who is comfortable with what she has, Logic 9 will be a big change for her
I think the upgrade is actually cheaper than the academic version.
Very good point - forgot that completely! I was thinking of full price now, savings seen in am upgrade in the future. Shari, this should be your choice if you're comfortable with such. It will be the best bargain, and it will have the upgrade path.
The upgrade is actually the complete install, with all the loops and samples. It's only an upgrade in as much as you need proof of ownership of 5.5 or newer (a dongle or serial number). The upgrade for Logic 8 included all the manuals, assume 9 does, too.