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Rodney D

Hi to all,

I just want to make a comment and asking a question. I am currently mixing a song and have been for a least two weeks. I absolutely HATE THIS SONG!!! I has 95 tracks of audio and was recorded at another studio. The sound quality is good so that's not an issue. I hate this song so much that I can't make any creative judgements and it irritates me to rewind sections or even solo parts of the mix. I do feel as if the song is over produced. I mean 95 track of audio for a pop song is overkill in my opinion. It initially began with 40 tracks and I was told it would a few more added. Then later, I was brought two more jump drives that contained the other tracks! Is it just me or have others had this problem? Do other engineers refuse to mix a song simply because they don't like it?


I think you shouldn't mix it, I mean like you said, Its really hard to mix a tune if you hate it.
Ah, the question... well, do you or are you in the financial place you can pass on the work? If so, decline.

If not, dig in and have some fun. mute stuff, pull the thing apart and see if there is actually something there. Sometimes the only way is to FIND the way to like the song... maybe an edit of the pieces that go into the chorus, radical EQ and compression, try some wild effects, delays into reverbs, chorused parts way took loud that jump out at the listener. Play with it... use it as a way to learn your craft.

Or not...

Beat Poet

Take a break from it if you can, you'll never get any perspective by listening to the song over and over for weeks on end.


I compose, edit, arrange film music... Sometimes I work on material that is not mine, and sometime I really, really don't like it, often thinking I would have done it this way and it would have been better! Of course. ;) So...I usually try to put my own tastes and preferences on hold, and be objective. Sometimes it's hard. But if you get paid for it, there are worse sacrifices to make. Ask yourself, does the guy(s) who mixes Justin Bieber *really* like the songs?:tongue: