Just Bought A Glyph HD / Have A Few Questions

Hi All,

I just bought a Glyph 050Q 1TB external hard drive to use with my iMac OS X/Logic Pro 9. I keep all of my sound files on the Glyph so that I don't tax the iMac too much while recording. Taking that into consideration I have a few questions.

1. What is the protocol for the iMac and Glyph in regards to turning them on and off each day. I like to leave my iMac on all week and shut it off overnight once a week. That said, should I dismount the hard drive each day after using it and shut it off or is it fine to leave the hard drive dismounted but still left on? I should mention that because my iMac only has one FW800 input I daisy chain my Apogee audio interface through the Glyph hard drive and that I need I need the Glyph hard drive on otherwise the Apogee is not connected. Should I get a Y cord adaptor for the FW800 input, if these exist, so I don't have to have the hard drive on to power the Apogee audio interface?

2. The first time I used the Glyph I turned it off without dismounting it. Can you damage your drive by doing this one time?

3. I purchased the Glyph because my iMac didn't have enough hard drive space to house all of my sound files. With everything housed on the Glyph I now have to worry about all of my files being lost if the hard drive goes south, which they all seem to do at one point or another. Any ideas on how to keep my sound files archived without buying another hard drive to back up my external hard drive. These things get expensive!

Thank you,

1. IF I had a setup like yours I'd just leave everything on. Hard drives are very robust today, and can live 5 or more years with daily use. I do tech support and see drives from 2003 getting replaced from some peoples systems... that's 9 years of day to day use.

2.Very doubtful that a drive would get damaged from incorrect removal. And most things would tend to be directory based if this were to happen. Apples "Disc Utility" app would be able to fix it IF it happened anyways.

3.The ONLY way is to do a backup, and exercise it monthly (plug it in, turn it on, mount, unmount, turn off, and put away). Dude,... 3 TB drives are less that $200... That is not too costly to save your very valuable data.
Thanks George. I guess I have no choice in leaving the Glyph hard drive on considering I've chained my Apogee Duet through it. I do this because my iMac has only one FW800 input. Do you know if there are Y adaptors that would allow me to increase the one FW800 input I have in my iMac to two? I've looked online and don't see anything. Thanks again George!