I own EWQLO and Kontakt 3, yet I find I keep returning to my outboard JV1080 for ease of sketching. The problem is the slight inconvenience in recording the JV1080 output.

Is there a JV1080/2080 virtual instrument out there? IF not, what other options are there?

I've downloaded a JV soundfont from here:

I can't get Kontakt3 to see it. Any clues?
I've never used soundfonts before and would appreciate some general help with these, too.

Depending on how many patches you actually use, you can do a lt worse than sampling the ouput using the very lovely Redmatica Autosampler.

This automates what would otherwise be a long process of sampling the output at various intervals and then creates an exs instrument of each patch for you.
Hi mattrixx, can you give an example of a detailed ( lots of samples and velocities) patch you're made, and how big the resulting file is?

Hi Peter,
Sure, I could send you a patch... though it wont be huge. What about 'Flying Waltz'.
In the near future, I will have my 'legacy' rack back together in a separate room, where I can grab old sounds as required. Perhaps I could do a few of your JV patches for you. Note, I only have a 1010 in that department, but the patches are compatible with sysex etc.
Here's a link to 'Flying Waltz'. I think it's only 1 velocity layer sampled every three notes.


As you have requested, I will do a more detailed patch with heaps of layers etc.... can you give an example of something in particular?
thanks mattrixx - I have the folder in my EXSamples folder but EXS doesn;t see it.
I see you have subfolders - how should I unpack them for use?

Hi Peter,
Sorry, I should have given a little clarity on the files..
There are two EXS instrument files there... If you just use the one that says;


and place it in the sampler instruments folder.

and place the folder named


into your samples folder.

The key here is that you need to place the instrument .exs file into your sampler instruments folder for the EXS to see it.

Here's the path...

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch
yep :) that works fine , thanks

> Perhaps I could do a few of your JV patches for you

the only ones I'm really interested in are the orchestral ones - I have brilliant pianos and drums already

I might post a parallel question here