Logic Pro 9 JX8P sys ex to CC


So I've decided to pull out my old JX8P and get it incorporated into my rig. I have a Novation Remote SL37 that I'd like to teach to control the JX's parameters. However, the JX uses Sys ex to transmit data changes like filter etc.....Novations automap software does not allow you to choose sys ex as an option when teaching it's knobs. It's all midi CC.

There is a JX8p environment for sale on ebay, but I don't really want to be mousing around to tweak sounds...Maybe the Novation could "learn" to move the environment faders? Not sure..this is not an area of Logic that I've had to delve into. Any help would be much appreciated!




Maybe the Novation could "learn" to move the environment faders?
You need a Logic Environment "Hybrid" tool which is specially programed to respond to both Sys & CC and use that tool as Sys>CC or CC>Sys converter.
In this scenario you can assign some CC#s in the Novation and control the JX via Novation or any generic controller...
I doubt that the Ebay editor you are talking about is "hybrid"... I started the "hybrid" idea long time ago, so the nice thing is you can record and edit in Logic CC# events (instead of Sys messages). I'm used to construct editors offline (without having a real one) so I just created a small demo for you just to try (see fig.1) below. You must get it from the download link and set the Instrument port in the inspector to the JX8P one. Note, you can mouse tweak the editor faders or the X/Y Vector for the Cut & Res or you can assign some faders in the Novation to CC#12 and CC#13 and try. The Arrange track is assigned to that small macro and any incoming CC12 or CC13 will tweak the Cut & Res of the Editor i.e the JX or the editor will respond to the native incoming Sys messages as well. You can record CC12 & 13 on the arrange track and edit them etc (for example you can hit record and mouse tweack the Vector fader). This editor can be updated to a full new generation "Workstation" where I can add some extra features like "Dynamic smart menus", Memory/Patch 127 preset manager which supports copy, paste, internal clipboard as well as some extra features like "Motor parameter randomizer", "Midi Latch/Hold" ect like the Juno 106 shown in fig.2 below. If you have any interest of all that, go to my site shown in the signature below and send me an Email.

JX8P - Cut & Res (Sys/CC) Demo - DOWNLOAD