Logic Pro 9 KBcovers.com - How are they after a year or so?

Orren Merton

Logic Samurai / Administrator
Staff member
thanks Keith, are all the shorcuts the same in v9?
Actually, they are not. Some of them changed (for example, command + F is now a Flex command, not Pack Folder). There are others I'm just not thinking of.

Also, with any keyboard cover, there are some "value judgements" that have to be made. Meaning, if for the "B" key there are a possible 5 commands that use it, which commands do you want to put on the cover? In Logic 9, for example, there are the new "Bounce In Place" commands which are obviously quite cool and important. So perhaps those should replace one of current commands on the "B" key.

There will be an updated version of the KB Cover for Logic 9.

Thanks Orren, I thought I went through all of them after receiving LP9, but due to some customisation must have overlooked the changes.