Logic Pro 8 Keeping old versions of Logic


I was just wondering if there is a good argument for holding onto the install CDs and hefty instruction manuals of older versions of Logic? I've got discs and documentation dating back to Logic 5 and could do making some space by clearing them out, but something keeps holding me back! Can anyone come up with a good reason to retain anything but a hard copy of the latest version?

I've kept older computers with the older software just incase the newer stuff fails. This way I have something that I'm familiar with should I need it.
Hi Jay,

Is there any reason for you hanging onto 7 (I can understand 8, due to 9 being only a recent release)? I'm hanging onto these too, but I think it's more out of superstition than anything else!

There were major changes under the hood from LP7 to LP8 that can on occasion royally screw up projects in LP8/9 that were started in LP7. Occasionally, I am asked to revisit some of those so I will keep 7.2.3 for that purpose.


I went through this same conundrum when I moved a little over a year ago. I trashed everything prior to Logic 7.