Logic Pro X Keeping pedal sustain when switching tracks

Eric J

New Member
I’m wondering if anyone can help me find a solution to a live performance conundrum I am having with Logic? I realize that Logic is primarily a DAW and not designed for live performance; however, with the addition of the Live Loops feature in 10.5, I would love to use Logic for my method of doing live performances.

In short, I like to perform with software instruments (live) while also playing on an acoustic piano. While I use Logic as my primary DAW, I currently use a Novation Launchkey keyboard and Ableton Live to control a variety of software instruments (Kontakt, Omnisphere, etc.) for performance purposes. One of the things I like doing in a live performance setting (or just when messing around and coming up with ideas) is to use the sustain pedal to hold down an evolving pad texture or an arpeggiated chord, and then switch to another instrument (on a different track channel) without losing the sustained sound so that I can layer additional parts and sounds. This behavior works in Ableton, but I can’t get it to work in Logic. I can assign the buttons on the Launchkey to switch tracks in Logic, but Logic always sends a pedal-off command once a new track channel is selected, effectively ending the sustained sound. Is there any way to change that behavior so that I can effectively switch track channels and keep the sounds sustaining (if I hold the pedal down before switching)? Ultimately, I’d love to be able to do this with the Logic Remote app on my iPad using the track selection buttons in the Live Loops grid (combining live sustained sounds with prerecorded loops), but again, if I select another track/instrument then the pedal-off effect kills the sustain. Also, I realize that I can assign a different MIDI input channel to each track, then record-enable all tracks and change which software instrument I play by changing MIDI channels on the keyboard controller. But changing MIDI channels on the Launchkey is super awkward in a live setting (requires holding down two buttons and then pressing one of the buttons multiple times to get to the desired channel) and there is no way to assign different MIDI channels to the different controller buttons. Are there any workarounds (perhaps with the Logic environment) to prevent the pedal cutoff effect when simply switching tracks?