Logic Pro X Key Commands acting weird in LPX


I have 2 problems with Key Commands window.

1.-I have opened the KeyCommands window and it opens up at the top of my screen.
The top of the Key Commands window is under the task bar and I can not pull it down.

2.- My LPX Key Commands started to act weird.
Space bar does not work for play/pause.
It creates a small MIDI region instead.
X does not show the mixer and any other thing does not really work.
It worked at the beginning when I firs installed it.
Could this be a bug?
If I choose Logic 9 set the everything works like the LP9 and it is fine.
But, I wanted to learn the new set and I cannot use it.
Any ideas?

Colin Shapiro

I just tried and it works for me....

Open Logic 9
Open the Key Commands window.
Click on [Options] and Export key commands.

Quit Logic 9 and open Logic X
Go to the Logic Pro X menu and select Key Commands, then Edit.
Import your recently saved file.
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I have found my problem/
If I choose Turkish Keyboard and use US KCs Logic acts weird..
I have to choose US Kbd from task bar before I use Logic Pro X.

As far KCs window going off the screen, I had to install sizeup program to move the window only once.
Then Logic remember...
Stupid bug though...

Now, Can I duplicate the US Key Commands and export/save them as Turkish so I don't have to use two keyboard settings for my system?
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I'm not familiar at all with Turkish key commands. But you can certainly duplicate the US set and rename the newly created set anything you like. I don't know if this help or not :-(
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