Logic Pro 9 Key Commands for Quantization?

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Not sure what you mean with "note value" but type alt-K to open the KeyCommands window and type quant into the search field. This shows you all available KeyCommands for quantization. There are no more so far I know.
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Hi Peter,

Sorry for the lack of clarification -by note value I mean 1/4 note, 1/8th, 16th etc.
It woud be really nice if we could have a command to highlight each region and quantize it to a specific amount. I often have it set in the template to quantize automatically but not always.

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I agree - it would be great if logic had key commands for specific quatization values. But AFAIK, the key commands are all based around either the last used value, or the next/previous values.
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