Logic Pro 9 Key Commands help


This problem has bugged is from day one of having Logic 9. The key commands just do not conform to the ones on Logic 8, I have even imported the key commands from Logic 8 and they still did not work properly. In the end I ended up just setting the up the way I wanted them 1 by 1. However, when you need to control click on a certain parameter i.e string exciter and morph pad on Sculpture I have no success. Could some one export me the proper Logic 9 key commands or give me advice how to fix this problem thanks in advance.:)
Yes they have changed between 8 and 9. Open your key commands page, and look for the options list, then select "Initialize all key commands" or select the proper setup for your keyboard. Do it 2x so you can be sure it works properly.

George Leger III
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