Key Commands window


2 suggestions

⌘ click on disclosure triangles to Expand All / Collapse All, as happens in the Bin window

Under the Show dropdown menu, as well as all, used, and unused, a 'user' list, for those commands you've input yourself
You know, I've always used Option click to open/close disclosure triangles. Try that - it will work in a lot of areas for you (closing automation sub-tracks comes to mind). It works in the bin - I didn't even know command click did that until I tried it just now.


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I REALLY REALLY wish there was a way to save changes made to your key commands set. As it is, it seems the only option is to export them as a new set after you've made changes. There doesn't seem to be a way of updating the current set in a safe way that ensures the changes are stored in them should the set need to be re-imported. I therefore end up with lots of unnecessary incremental versions of my current key commands set!


That would make sense - some kind of dialogue box appears when you make a change in the Key Commands window ( as happens elsewhere in Logic and is standard in apps generally ) asking Save Changes? with an Ok or Cancel option