Logic Pro X Key shortcuts while dragging on trackpad


there are some shortcuts that change trackpad dragging behaviour.

For example while moving region or midi note and click "alt" button it copies region instead moving it.

1) How to find such actions in Key shortcut manager? When I write in search box "drag" it finds nothing.
2) Can I change the button from "alt" to any other?
3) Can I change to set copying while dragging to be default, and moving only while "alt" is down (so vice versa than it is now)?

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards


Interesting question. I expect this is not something that can be controlled in Logic, and likely something at the OS level. Alt-Drag is a system wide operation usually creating a copy of the selected object. The manual shows nothing about optional controls with a trackpad other than the "force" option if you have a newer version.
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