Logic Pro X Key Switches Chase Question


Hi guys,
Could you share your personal workarounds about that. Here is the scenario:
Let's say you have recorded a midi sequence where you used Key Switches to change instrument articulations or what else. It is supposed that you have triggered the KS shortly during the recording. I guess you enable "Note Chase" in the midi settings to be able to edit your music easily when you tweak the Playhead back and forth. If you move the Playhead between two KS and start from that "middle" beat the previous KS is not chased properly cause it is quite short.
A simple workaround is to select the KS events and use (Note Force Legato) to force the KS in midi legato. In this scenario KS will chase as should be.
Is there any other workaround or setting I'm missing for KS chasing ?
(Do not offer me any sort of continuous controllers midi transformations etc - I'm quite familiar with that...:))