Logic Pro 9 Keyboard Focus in L9 with Soundtoys 3.1


Hi again,

in relation to my strange ramble about the even stranger keyboard 'focus' in L9 ... is anybody able type in delay-values in Echoboy or Pitch-Values in Crystallizer? This worked like a charm in L8, but now I have to switch to control mode to type the values in, in the GUI-mode Logic's main kcs are taking over - in my case: seleting screensets ... :angryfire:

I know what you mean, I've just been dealing with it...

I suspect that this is something Soundtoys is going to need to address in an update. Most of the 3rd party plug-ins I use are able to enter values with the keypad without switching screensets. This tells me that there is something the plug-in isn't accessing that the others are. By chance have you tried emailing Soudtoys regarding it?
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