Logic Pro 9 Keyboard range is 8 octaves down on all of my controllers


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Recently, I have been experiencing a weird 'spike' or data message sent to Logic that is knocking my whole keyboard range down about 8 octaves, so my keyboards will not trigger anything. On the lowest note of my 88 key controller, I hear C8 of any selected sound (i.e.,piano, pad). I have tried everything to reset the range, but no go. When I open my template, everything is fine. Somewhere along the way of building up a song, this thing happens out of nowhere, and I basically can't program anything else at that point. I have had to go and re-import all tracks, channel strips, automation, etc to a brand new 'fresh Logic template' and needles to say, this is a major pain and very time consuming. If anyone has had this problem, please let me know. Also, I have a Roland A-80 as my main controller, then a M-Audio Trigger Finger and a Radium 49, which I mainly use for programming (pans, filters, etc). My first thought is that something form the Radium is sending some strange random data that is throwing my system out of whack. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
Sounds like you have an 8 octave transposition happening. Try this:

Select a midi track, pit it into record, and then look at the transposition area in the inspector (upper left hand corner, where you would look at quantize, ect.

This sounds like ti might have been moved to a value other than 0.

George Leger III
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