Logic Pro 9 Keyboard Shortcuts


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I want to use my Apple Wireless keyboard to control my desktop from another room (while recording).

Can someone tell me where I can get a print-out of keyboard shortcuts to do the main tasks?



If you set the options to expand all folders in the Key command list, and set it to show only those used, you can print to PDF and it will be about 10 pages. Then, you can open a new TextEdit document and cut and past the lines you want into a shorter document. It can take a little time, but I found it useful to have single sheet on the wall with the commands I'm likely to use most often.


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Thanks for the advice :thmbup: I found this to be the way to get what I wanted.

1. Logic Pro / Preferences / Key Commands - then select Global Commands.
2. In the right hand top box ('Show') select 'used' to restrict the list to those actually 'live'.
3. In the top box Options select 'Copy Key Commands to Clipboard'.
4. Open your text software and paste it in.
5. manually delete any you don't use if you want to.