Logic Pro 8 known 64 buffer issues?


So I'm recording today, only 1 track at a time and have Logic set to 64 mb buffer and am monitoring through the software. I was getting some artifacts/glitches on the tracks so I raised the buffer back to 128. My question is, are there known glitches with let's say BFD 2.1, which is the only vi I was using, or UAD2 (which I wasn't using but maybe it affects things anyway regardless)? The song only had the drums going so there was really no audio except for the 2 tracks I was working on. I didn't spend any time experimenting but thought I'd check it. Thanks for any info.

PS: audio interface is all motu pci w/ hd 192 and some 2408's
I am using BFD 2.1 with an RME Fireface800 on the 2.8Octo core at the 32 sample buffer without any issues... even on really large sessions. Cant' speak for the UAD2 however.
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I actually have a uad2 and a uad1. Maybe it's the uad1? At any rate, I wasn't using any plugins. I'll have to investigate further.
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I think that I heard about these issues in relation with UAD cards already, especially with the first version, even when no plugins are actually in use.
Would it be much hassle to simply throw one (or both) of them out for a test?
I'm only running a mediocre home studio setup myself (Macbook 2.4 and an M-Audio FW 410), but I can work at 64 samples buffer size all throughout, even on larger projects. I can even go down to 32 samples, but that's where CPU useage starts to increase more or less noticeable, so I got used to sticking with 64 samples.

- Sascha
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I had some time today to check out the song in question. Prior though, I pulled out my uad1 card to see if that was affecting playback at a low buffer rate. Then, I soloed the rough vocal track that was recorded where I heard the artifacts. Playing back the song at 64 buffer I could hear glitches on the track on playback. They would happen at random places. I then tried the final vocal track and also heard some of the same things at random places. In watching Logic's cpu meter only one of the cores was showing activity and it was up high, but not pegging. Then, I disabled the uad2 card within the uad control panel and played the track back. No problems. Finally, I re enabled the uad2 and noticed that this time the cpu was spread out throughout the cores, AND, there were no glitches. So, I don't know if one has to restart the uad when switching buffers, etc to be safe. I'll keep recording and find out eventually!
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