Logic Pro 9 Kontakt 3.5 and using single instances


I thought Jay Asher might chime in as he seems to know this stuff. I was curious if one is better off, or, at least the same if they use single instances of Kontakt 3.5+ ala EXS24 or PLAY? This is instead of using it as a multi timbral instrument (as I have been doing). I just started a project and decided to give each instrument it's own instance of Kontakt and so far so good. I have 13 tracks of Kontakt running so far with some of the eastwest orchestra samples, piano, etc. I've been so used to just making one instance and using it like a mulit timbral hardware synth that I'm changing my ways after learning (through Jay) that it's more efficient just to use one instance (of PLAY for example). In digital performer it's much easier to have just one instance as you have to make 2 tracks but that's obviously not the case in Logic. Plus, I can easily freeze each track if need be now and automate easier as there's no environment trickery involved. Thanks for any input.