Kontakt causing beachballing

Does anyone else have this issue with Kontakt?
Each time I move to an instrument track which has an instance of Kontakt loaded in it, Logic beachballs for about 15-20 seconds. It's only when I have the plugin window set to follow each track so perhaps this is a graphics issue?

I would appreciate any suggestions.




Hey Felix! I have the same issue, it seems that it's either a graphics issue, or an issue related to the amount of stuff Kontakt is looking for at any given moment (I have several TB worth of VIs on several external SSDs). I try to keep the plugin window closed as much as possible for the moment - switching tracks goes much faster that way.
Hey there,
Well that is a good idea I should have thought of! (keeping the plugin window closed whilst changing tracks).

Thanks for your reply - that helps!


Chris Burke

Hi. Does anyone out there have any idea why my Logic Pro 9 has suddenly "un-authorised" Kontakt from my Komplete 10 Ultimate bundle and won't "re-authorise" the plugin when I rescan in Logic's AU Manager? I've had Komplete 10 installed on Logic for over 12 months and not had a specific problem with Kontakt until this happened yesterday. I think it only happened after I downloaded and finalised a Kontakt update from the Native Instruments Service Centre. Weirdly, the Native Instruments Service Centre states that the Kontakt update in question was successful but the update in question still shows on the Service Centre page as being there to update (usually, once an update has been successful from Native Instruments the plugin update in question dissapears from the Service Centre). The AU Manager in Logic Pro 9 simply states that it is now unable to authorise Kontakt as the information from Native Instruments was "unsuccessful". One final query: Even if the Kontakt update has been unsuccessful, why is Logic not still recognising and authorising the version of Kontakt I originally had installed in Logic prior to this latest ("unsucessful") attempt at updating the plugin?!? Any suggestions as to how to remedy the situation would be gratefully received.