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sorry if this is the wrong place to post this

need some help with kontakt in logic. I've got kontakt loaded into logic and sent each .nki to a different aux in logic to individually process the drums, but for some reason whatever i do to the main instrument channel (the one that has kontakt actually loaded on it) it does the same thing on aux track 3. so if i insert an eq on the main instrument channel (kick), it inserts one on aux track 3 (floor tom). how do i fix this??
I still find that setting up a m.o. version of Kontakt causes momentary confusion on this end...

In the attachment:
Kontakt output 1-2 drums, 3-4 bass, and 5-6 organ.
Logic Kontakt channel strip is for the drums, 1st aux input is for Kontakt out 3-4 bass, 2nd aux for K 5-6 organ.

Effects on the Kontakt channel strip do not effect the auxes.


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tried setting it up again but on my macbook pro and it did the same thing. ill let you know how i set it up, maybe that can give you an idea whats happening.

I've got a drum kit, and each part of the drums is a different .nki. so i have an .nki for kick, snare, rack tom, floor tom.

i open logic, create 1 new multi timbal instrument track. i load kontakt 5 multi out 16xstereo onto that instrument track. now within kontakt i add 3 new channels which gives me a total of 4 channels, and 4 aux's within kontakt.
I route the new channel's output config's to plugin out 3+4, plugin out 5+6, plugin out 7+8.

I load in the 4 .nki's (kick, snare, RT, FT). Then i change the output on the individual .nki to 'st.1 for kick' 'st.2 for snare' and so on, and change all midi channels to [A]1 so when i program the drums its all within the same midi region.

Now in logic, i click the little '+' button to add new aux tracks for that instrument to individually process each drum .nki.

So in logic i have Inst1 (with kontakt on it whick is routed as the kick), then aux 1 (snare), aux 2 (RT) and aux 3 (FT).

Aux 1 and 2 are completely independent as to adding inserts, soloing and muting the track. but anything i do to either Inst 1 (with kontakt) or aux 3, whether it be volume, pan, inserts, solo/mute.. it does to the other one.

any ideas what has happened?
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problem resolved i think. i put a whole kit in (different .nki's) with kick, snare, RT, FT and 6 cymbals and it seems to work fine. no clue why it does it with 4 nkis and not 10 but if it works, it works. thanks for your reply
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You're initial detailed and easy to follow description made sense. So I'm not really sure what went wrong.

The main thing is that you resolved this.

One thing I do after solving a problem is to use Logic's Notes text entry to write out the details for future reference. I have folder full of so-called reference projects detailing routing sets ups, key switching/MIDI CC#s for articulation changes, eq/compression settings etc, some of which become templates.
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