Logic Pro (X) Kontakt/VentusWinds Duduk/latency


When I select 'Low latency monitoring mode' in Logic as I always do when recording, my Duduk plugin drops dramatically in Volume.
I've sent a support message to ImpactSoundworks, so hoping that I can get a response PDQ as I'm now deep into a particular track with Duduk as significant lead

Low latency monitoring mode bypasses plug-ins that contribute to input monitoring latency, especially dynamics plug-ins with look-ahead functions.

In your project is there a compressor or other dynamics plug-in that has been temporarily bypassed?

The short story is that this may be an annoyance but not a bug.
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Thanks, this is very useful to know. Of course, the Duduk plugin must be itself subject to this.
How do you record,say a vocalist in low latency mode while she benefits from hearing herself with reverb, eq etc?
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I hope you receive a satisfactory reply from the developer.
Not yet, but my understanding is catching up :)
Nothing like this happens when I toggle Low Latency ON/OFF until I open the Kontakt plugin interface. From then on, even after closing it, I'm screwed. Very odd.
Still troubleshootin'....
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