Kontakt/VEP via slave computer


I have been using Vienna Ensemble Pro on a slave computer over LAN, hosting Kontakt and Battery with several instruments loaded, which Pro Tools on the master computer - trying to migrate this process to Logic and would appreciate any help/suggestions.

What's the best way to maximize your instruments/articulations in Kontakt? A multi with several instruments loaded in it gives me low memory warnings on the slave. Seems to load ok just as a VI in Logic, but the load time for multiple sessions makes having the VIs on a slave computer the ideal set up...

Slave: Vienna Ensemble Pro 5/Kontakt Mac mini 2.0 Ghz i7, OS 10.7, 8GB RAM
Master: Logic Pro 9 (and/or Pro Tools 9) on Mac Pro Xeon 2.66 Ghz OS 10.6.8, 10 GB RAM
You're sure you are running the 64 bit VEPro server, right? And also, WHY ARE YOU RUNNING OSX? I have to tell you, with this setup it is simply a POS. Grab a copy of Windows 7, and expect to see about a 25 to 30% increase in power while using VEPro on a Mac... really!

the Mac OS has such a high overhead, and the mini is a pretty little guy.

Now after all that, how much sample data are you trying to load, and are you streaming it off a fast drive? Make sure you don't load more than about 6 GB of samples to leave overhead for the system...
Replied to this but it didn't post -
Thanks for the suggestions; I'm on 32bit everything for plug-in/DAW compatibility, and OSX for same reason. Paul Steinbauer of VSL recommended the mac mini and said I should be fine with that set up.

I'll look into changing over, but I'm mid project, so anyone with Mac OS/32bit suggestions, much appreciated...
You do understand the difference between the 32 and 64 bit versions of VEpro server, right? You can load a 32 bit version of VEpro on your master computer, and select a 64 bit server on your slave.

As for the Mac Mini, again it depends on how many samples you want to load, and the power you need. For example, if you are running EW Hollywood Strings, and using one of the heavy CPU samples, a Mac Mini won't play them. The other thing to know: Windows 7 is a more efficient OS for sample streaming, you might want to turn your Mini Mac into a Mini PC.

Finally, when getting a Mac Mini, the purchase of an SSD for the internal drives. and a very fast external FW 800 drive is about the only way to go. The SSD will save you a HUGE amount of time when booting the system and the apps (plus you can store a library or 2 on it) and the FW 800 drive will allow a reasonable amount of streaming before it craps out.

Mini's can be used, but only if you add as much ram as they can carry, and soup up the hard drives (they come with 5400 RMP snail drives)...

Good luck, it's a whole new world.


BTW get the Logic setup tutorial off the VSL site documents. It is a huge asset, and lays out exactly how to do this with the best results.
Thanks, I'll try that. and no, I do not understand the difference - much as I'm impressed by it, the VEP documentation is pretty opaque. the server/instance/multiframe/project hierarchy is confusing as well, but that's for another thread.
Yea, their docs are a bit confusing... Austrian to english is almost as bad as the old Japanese to english manuals roland had...

32bit server = max 3 or so GB samples. 64 bit server (any Mac Os from 10.6 runs 64 bit apps natively no problems) can access something like 4 TB or more...

So, 64 bit is better for projects or instruments that use allot of ram, specifically samples. I have a few "small" templates for orchestral work, and they can be between 12 and 18 GB of stuff in 5 V-Frames in 1 Meta frame in VEPro. These can not be run in 32 bit mode.

Does that help even a bit?
So far so good

Thanks George - That's a step in the right direction. I can at least load a pile of articulations now. Testing the workflow...