Logic Pro 9 Korg m3 newbie question


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hi all,

I've got a simple workflow question.

I've got a Korg M3 workstation/keyboard with an onboard sequencer (16 track limit). I'm trying to set up logic so it can be used as a sound module during the music making process and then as a multitracker for final mixdown and bounce to 2-track. I've looked all over the net and there are tutorials on how to use external sequencers (such as Akai MPC's) to trigger AU instruments in Logic, but in my case, I also want to use the M3's internal sounds. Is it possible to sequence AU's and the M3's onboard sounds within Logic Express 9 and then record it back into Logic?
hi all,

I've got a simple workflow question.

Is it possible to sequence AU's and the M3's onboard sounds within Logic Express 9 and then record it back into Logic?


Connect up both your audio and midi between your keyboard and your mac. Put your keyboard in multitimbral mode. Set up some external midi instruments in Logic to trigger the sounds. Sequence your parts up on those tracks.

Route the audio out of your keyboard into your mac. Throw up an aux in logic's mixer to get the sound into Logic's audio stream. It will then be available for mixing and processing within Logic.

You can optionally record your individual M3 midi tracks as audio tracks in logic for greater mixing flexibility.
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Thanks for the pointers,

i spent a bit more time reading up on logic 9's environment functions. Judging from what you've written below, it seems that I have to:
1) create a 'multi-instrument' from the environment with 16 midi tracks enabled (to correspond to the Korg's 16 track sequencer in multimbral sequencer mode)
2) create 16 'external midi' tracks in the arrangement window
3) record midi, bounce to audio, and render finished track to stereo file...

btw...the M3 doesn't have MTC or MMC, only midi beat clock...so am i correct in assuming that the 'transport' functions in logic and the korg won't be able to sync (as in, hit record and play in logic and the m3 plays along, allowing logic to record the midi data)?

sorry for the dumb questions, i'm quite new to LE9 and most of these functions are automatically built into ableton live (which is my main daw)
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You've pretty much got it there as far as sequencing in Logic and triggering / recording the onboard M3 sounds.

As far as running the M3 onboard sequencer from Logic to record it's output, I'm not sure. I don't know the M3. But if it does receive MIDI clock, it _should_ work. Although MIDI clock is not the most precise or robust of syncing formats.

Explore the synchronization window in Logic's project settings. Under the MIDI tab, you'll find a checkbox you can enable to transmit MIDI clock. Set it to send out to the port you have connected to your M3. And then set your M3's clock to receive external sync and you should be good to go. In theory anyway.....
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