Logic Pro 8 Korg Microkontrol for Logic Express beginner

Kevin Duckworth

New Member
I'm a complete Logic Express beginner and suspect I will enjoy making music with this application but don't want to invest heavily and find I don't.

So I'm thinking a Korg Microkontrol is as good as anything else to begin with. I don't want anything more expensive at this stage. If anything spending less would be good to discover I do like it 'cos that would leave me more money to buy something more high end next.

What I DON"T want is a heap of frustration setting up and the Korg plus LC Xmu seems a proven solution. Or has something else more recent overtaken the microK in this area?

Any alternative or confirmatory advice much appreciated.

Hi.....i have microkontrol....it's general good controller, only minus is small keys...
i would suggest you to buy m-audio Oxygen 8 v2 25-Key USB MIDI Controller...you save some money and as you say that you are begginer Oxygene will suits you just fine:)
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