Logic Pro X Korg nanoKontrol2 and Logic 10.4.5


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So I downloaded the Logic 10.4.5 update, and suddenly my Korg nanoKontrol 2 stopped working. Previous to this, it worked without the driver and all of the controls worked entirely as expected. I tried deleting it from the controller setup and re-adding it, but only the transport controls work. None of the faders, knobs or solo/mute/record buttons work.

I even tried installing the Korg drivers to see if that would work. No luck.

I’d love to hear from anyone with a similar experience or any suggestions.


I have the same experience. nanoKontrol2 not working in 10.4.5

I plug it in to my 10.4.4 system and it behaves as expected.



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Between this and some other glitches, I ended up restoring 10.4.4 from a backup and submitting feedback to Apple. We'll see if there's a bug fix version soon.


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Same problem.
I'm pretty sure it's the 10.4.5 version
I contacted Korg support.

My original messge
Hi guys.
I recently updated my Logic Pro.
All presets provided by your script Control Surface Plug-in for nanoKONTROL for logic and GarageBand stopped working. I need to map all controls manually. Also, indicator lights are not responding when I push them.

I couldn't find any newer version in your site. Is there any plan for updating it?

They replied

Thank you for contacting Korg USA Product Support. We're not sure if you received a response to your last inquiry. If not, we apologize for the delay!

The latest version of the Garageband / Logic plug is available on the Korg Support Site.

You can use the free KONTROL editor software to manually assign the realtime controllers on the nanoKontrol to the virtual ones in Logic. Be sure to select "Write Scene Data" in the "Communication" section in the top menu to transmit the new settings to your nanoKontrol.

Best regards,

Product Support

So I guess we're on our own here.

Amoo Mazz

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Hi everyone
The same problem with nanokontrol2 here.
After I upgrade the mac to Mojave, it became even worst.
I'm think I gonna give up about the gadget.
No nanokontrol2 anymore.


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I have tinkered with this and here's what I have come up with:
Do run the Korg-supplied driver installer.
If the Nano is not working, quit LPX.
Then, in your own user preferences, delete com.apple.logic.pro.cs
Then restart LPX. The Nano should show up as a new device and work.
Here's the thing: on quitting normally, LPX appears to write a new com.apple.logic.pro.cs file with bad info in it.
If you force-quit LPX, it does not write the prefs file and the Nano will continue to work when you restart it.
I usually don't have to restart the computer itself but once in a while I do need to delete the pref file and restart from scratch.

Should this go in "feature requests?" Request that the MIDI implementation work properly?
I find Audio MIDI Setup to be almost as bad, I've spent a lot of time just getting it to recognize devices.



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I had the same problem, so I downloaded the editor and discovered the device needs to communicate on Channel 16. Set that for both Transport and the other functions and it works as advertised. Also change the LED setting to external - that way the lights work properly.


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I gave this a try, but now I can’t add the device in the Control Surface setup. I tried installing the Korg driver, but Korg’s installer fails. Sigh.


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I might end up with the same issue. When I edited the midi settings, Logic was running. When I issued the Write Scene command, it just started working, so it remains to be seen if it still works when I reboot everything. My premise is that it’s just a midi controller and each button, slider, knob generates values that correspond to actions in Logic. I examined the settings for nanoKontrol in the Logic control surface view and noted it was expecting the device to talk on channel 16. So I changed the global values using the editor.
I gave up on the Korg midi driver. Just keeps failing. I suspect it adds no value anyway, as I have no issues with all the other midi devices I use (Komplete Kontrol, Novation).
I took it out on Korg by giving the device 1 star on Amazon. I hope nobody else rewards Korg for their lack of concern.
I’ll keep you posted on my experience. I may actually understand what I’m doing some day.

Peter Ostry

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My premise is that it’s just a midi controller and each button, slider, knob generates values that correspond to actions in Logic.
The nanoKONTROL is a basic MIDI controller with an Editor. That's it.
If it works, it is a small cheap helper tool.

But Korg tells you to install the control surface software to transform the nanoKONTROL to a fully-fledged DAW controller. This is ridiculous, but most people follow the advice after reading Korg's bold words.

A control surface software translates device events (nanoKONTROL) to control events (Logic) and vice versa and mostly uses an existing protocol like Mackie, Logic Control, Mackie HUI etc. This is what you see in Logic's control surface setup. You find all mappings in Logic's Controller Assignments and everything gets stored in the .cs file which occasionally gets damaged. Keep a backup of this file if your custom mappings are important to you.

Finally, when it becomes apparent that this little plastic plate does not make a good DAW controller, you can delete the icon in the setup and delete the associated software piece or move it to another location. It is a good idea to delete the .cs file also, just in case Logic does not handle the zombie data correctly.

Now you got your MIDI controller back, in the Korg editor you can set numbers for knobs, buttons and faders and then work directly with Logic as usual. Assign events to parameters and functions as you like. Keep some MIDI CC list around to check if a number you want to map could do something you don't want, when it is not already mapped. For example, rather avoid CC numbers 0, 1, 7, 10, 11, 32, 64.

So much to the usage, but we also have to deal with Korg. The first generation nanoKONTROL just stopped working, no update, you were expected to buy a new one. I had also also a little keyboard which stopped working. No update, you were expected to buy a new one. We all know that Korg can also make good stuff, so what can we learn? Probably that we should not believe marketing speech and for long-time happiness we should not buy a Korg device that weighs under 15 pounds ;-)