Logic Pro 9 Korg Triton won't change patches

Hey guys,

I've setup a korg triton as an external instrument in Logic, and I have everything working properly - but only on MIDI channel 1. I can change patches via my MIDI channel in Logic, but only if that channel's send is set to channel 1. If I go to another MIDI channel and try to change patches on the Triton, nothing happens. I have the triton setup to recieve MIDI omni, and as far as I know, my MIDI out is setup correctly in AMS - it is set to send MIDI out on all 16 channels.

I imagine this is something to do with the triton, but could it be something about my logic setup?

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
I don't understand how you want it set up? What mode are you in? Combi, Seq, or Program? Why do you need to send 16 channels out to the Triton? I have a Triton and Logic. Something you might not know, the Triton send the patch you're changing to out as sysex as default, so any program change you make could include a bunch of extra data. Don't set the channel to omni, if you want to use the Triton multitimberally from Logic use combi mode and set each channel seperate in the Combi.
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