Logic Pro 9 Korg Triton Working, but no Sound?


Hello all,
I'm new to all of this, but it is awesome. Here is my question.

I own a Korg Triton Workstation and I am trying to get in work in conjunction with logic 9. I have it hooked up, and I can see that there is signal when I strike the keys on the korg. However, there is no sound.

How can I get sound?

What is the best way to use a korg with logic.

Thanks in advanced
Can you please describe in detail exactly how the Keyboard is hooked up qwith your computer? Please also mention the Audio and Midi interfaces you are using.

kind regards

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Thanks for the reply.....

I have a Korg Triton workstation.....It is connected to a midisport......which is connected to my laptop via usb. When I strike the keys on the korg you can see the signal, but there is no sound.

I want to be able to use it as a midi keyboard use the sounds on the workstation with logic 9.

What is the best way to use logic with a workstation keyboard.

I am very new at this so thank you for you patience.

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Hi Jason,

You will need to get the audio out from the Korg into your computer some how. the Korg, when you press on a key, is generating midi data into Logic, that's what you are seeing. The thing is, the sound or audio output of the Triton itself also requires some way to be monitored.

What audio interface do you have?

George Leger III
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thanks for the quick reply, but......

I don't think I have an audio interface. It is going straight to the mac. What would I need to look into?

Additional question

can you hook it up using a 1/4 inch to usb........and record

Thanks for your help, I am getting discouraged.
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There are a number of inexpensive audio interfaces out there. I imagine you could use some kind of stereo 1/4 inch mono to stereo mini jack if you didn't want to spend more than $20.

If you did that, you would need to create an "aux input" and set the input to your built in audio line input.

As far as 1/4 inch to usb, that would have to be some kind of audio card.

If you were going to spend money. how much would your budget be?

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Thanks again, I am new to this group and love it already.

It is going into a midi sport and then to the computer. would that be what you are looking for?

Money doesn't matter. I am not made of money, but don't mind buying something reasonable.

Thanks for your help
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You need to connect up the audio output of your Korg and get that audio signal into your Mac. Your Midisport is MIDI interface. It does not deal with audio in anyway. Only midi.

If you have a nice keyboard like a Triton and want to route it's audio into Logic, you should at the very least get yourself an inexpensive audio interface. In terms of what interface to get, you need to ask yourself questions like: how many inputs do you need? How many outputs do you need? Are you going to record audio other than from your keyboard?(vocals for example) If so, do you have preamps already? Or do you need to get preamps as well? If so, should they be built into the audio interface? etc etc etc....
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It's a device (usually a box or a card of some sort) with analog to digital converters on it - so that it can convert incoming analog signal (like the output of your keyboard) into a digital signal the computer can recognize. And then it also has digital to analog converters to convert the output of the computer to the analog domain so that external devices like speakers and amplifiers can recognize it.

They also often have some sort of preamps on them and phantom power and possibly other features.

Read up in the getting started and basic setup sections of your Logic manual. It will explain things in more detail.
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What exactly is an interface.
In this case an interface is a box or card that connects external gear to the computer and vice versa. You did not say which Mac you have but I assume in your setup it would be a box.

For music we deal with two types of data: audio and MIDI. We can only hear audio, MIDI data are used for technical communication between MIDI gear or between MIDI gear and software.

Every modern keyboard needs MIDI, because the computer must know which keys you are pressing down and how fast and how long you do that. In Logic you can play software instruments via MIDI. You play on the keys and the sound is made by Logic.

However, if you have a Synthesizer with a nice sound like your Triton, you may want to use its audio signal too. To get audio into the computer you need an audio interface. So technically you need two interfaces: an audio interface and a MIDI interface. One is to convert analog audio data to digital data and vice versa, the other is for transporting MIDI data to and from the computer. Most interface boxes have both built-in.

Your Triton has already a MIDI interface and it works over USB. This is what you use right now. But there is no audio going over this connection, only MIDI.

The Mac has a built-in audio interface. The most simple solution for you would be to buy an appropriate cable and connect the audio output of the synthesizer to this tiny audio input on the Mac. But we cannot recommend this method because if you have a Triton, you want to record it's good sound and the internal audio interface is not very good.

Furthermore, you want to hear your music in good quality. The Mac does not deliver a good sound on its own. This affects monitor boxes and headphones. And last but not least, one day you may want to record over a microphone. For that you need also an audio interface.

what audio interface do you recommend
There are so many available in all price ranges and with different features, it is hard to recommend a specific model.

I think a Presonus Firebox would be good for you. It is Firewire, does not cost a bargain and has a very good sound overall. I just found out that Sweetwater sells it currently far below the normal street price, for just US$ 200. If you are in the States and this price is acceptable for you, the Firebox would fit all your needs today and tomorrow.


If you do not plan to expand your setup in the future you can of course get any cheap interface with a reasonable sound. Just be aware that the audio interface will become the central hub of your setup. It is responsible for the quality of in- and outging sound. Good mics, good speakers, good sounding synths, nice headphones, nothing works well if the interface is bad.

To give you a starting point for working with an external audio interface, below are two drawings that are basically identical, the only difference is the MIDI dataflow. You have to decide yourself if MIDI over USB or MIDI over standard cables are better for you.

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On the subject of interfaces..

I just bought an m-audio fast track mkII audio interface about a month ago..its simply brilliant. Does all you need an interface to do, 2 audio inputs one from a mic and the other a guitar/keyboard, no MIDI I/O however, all for like 120 bucks. I've been using it for the past month to record acoustic guitar, and also some piano and organs from my CP300. Quality is very decent. A real steal.
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I got the firebox as you suggested...speakers.....and mic.....

However the firebox and mac instructions are less than stellar. I don't want to use cubebase, but it seems everything is geared towards it.

How do I get it working with my mac and logic? It recoginizes i have it.

I can hear the korg through the mic on the firebox, when it is not connected to mac.

Once I cut comp on, no sound through the firebox.

I had it working with the sound but i Could not record.

I know this is alot, but i can't seem to find any sites on line.

Thanks for your help peter
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Did you change the Logic audio device setting? It needs to know to use the firebox. Once you plug in the firebox, if you open Logic and go to Preferences, Audio tab. In the Devices tab, you want it to look something like the panel below. I'm not sure about the MIDI connection to your keyboard, but this should get Logic talking to your Firebox and vice-versa.
The reason that the direct sound to the outputs from the mic goes away when you connect to the computer is that this is now under software control. You can load up the Firebox software mixer to run as a separate application to control the box when you are not using Logic.
There are some troubleshooting and help files available on the Presonus site, where you also should go to check to see if there is an updated firmware or software mixer for your box.
Hope that is helpful


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I now have the firebox working....now.....

How do I record as an eternal instrument. I go to record and nothing is being read in the track region. I can hear, but logic does record or recognize.
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Do you have the correct input set on the record enabled Logic track? The input has to correspond to the input on your Firebox that is receiving your sound module's outputs.
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I don't use external instruments often, but what I understand you need to do is to add an audio track, assign it's input to the firebox channel that your keyboard is plugged into, and then enable it for recording. Then when you hit record on the transport, the audio coming from the instrument will be recorded to the new audio track in your arrangement.
When you play it back after recording, you would mute your MIDI track for the external instrument so you will hear the recorded audio only.

Something that might help you speed the learning curve of Logic would be to go take a look at the tutorial videos that are available on the groove3 site - I believe you can watch some for free, but I bought the Logic9 Explained set and it has made it much easier to get up to speed quickly.

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